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My primary purpose is to tell you something about Galicia in general and Pontevedra in particular. Galicia, Spain that is. Not Galicia, Poland. Several people have been kind enough to tell me how much they've appreciated my site and I hope you do too. Someone who links into it has said it's not pretty but 'does the job'. I'm happy with that.

The secondary purpose of my site is to share my view of life in Spain, or at least here in the Galicia/Pontevedra corner of it. The Life in Spain page links to things I've written on specific occasions but for a running commentary you'll need to go to my daily blog - Thoughts from Galicia

Finally, this site provides a vehicle for some scribblings that have nothing to do with either Galicia, Pontevedra or Spain but which are intended to amuse.

If you're thinking of buying property in Galicia, here's my personal view of the weather in its very different provinces. I also recommend the Weather link on my blog. Of course, if you read this regularly, you should suffer fewer shocks when you take up residence here. I also recommend Life in Spain. Plus this.


Here's a general introduction to Galicia, a surprisingly green and beautiful part of Spain. Or Galithia, as it is sometimes written. This concentrates on the area in the Pontevedra province known as Las Rias Bajas (in Castilian Spanish) or As Rias Baixas (in Galician). The rather inadequate literal English translation of this is 'Low Estuaries'. But ‘The Lower Fjords’ would probably give you a better feel for their nature and scenic beauty. This said, I recently read a guide book which insisted they were nothing like Norwegian fjords but more like Scottish firths. Which is probably fair comment.

Further up the north west coast of Galicia are Las/As Rias Altas (or ‘The High Estuaries’). These are possibly even more beautiful but certainly more dangerous. It’s here that you'll find the Costa de La Muerte, or the Coast of Death. This is something best done from the landward side. If you're attracted to such places, I think there's one in Brittany as well. And probably Cornwall. Interestingly, all three of these places claim Celtic roots. Obviously a morbid people.

I mention on the Spain page The Bible In Spain by George Borrow, written in 1834. Here's a link to the fascinating stuff he he wrote just about Galicia. If you can't face all of this, here's a sampler - his dyspeptic view of Santiago and its cathedral. He was obviously wrong to think its glory was passing away.

Anyone interested in early British connections with Galicia should click here.

And anyone wanting to know how Galicia fared in The Peninsular War of 1808 onwards, should click here.

For an even more idiosyncratic view of Galicia than mine, click here for a book (currently parts of it) written in the early years of the 20th century by an Englishwoman, Annette Meakin

And here's an introduction to a couple of Galician novelists of the 19th century, written by Aubrey Bell in 1912.

See here for a silly comparison between Galicia and Greater Manchester.

And see here for my write-up of a 'pilgrimage' I did with old friends in May-June 2010 from Tui to Santiago de Compostela. Which is the Galician half of the Portuguese Way. Or "El camino portugués".

As I no longer update this page on Galicia, if you need further [or up-to-date] information, please try the Galicia Facts link in my daily blog - Thoughts from Galicia. Or just use the search box there, as I haven't used the Galicia Facts label much for a while now.


This is my personal guide to the city and something of the province of Pontevedra. And here are, firstly, a short dissertation on the houses that are disappearing from the city; and, secondly, pictures of the sort of monstrosities that are being built nowadays.

And these are brief - and hopefully amusing - accounts of various things that have happened to me in Galicia/Pontevedra since I set up residence 6 years or so ago. They may or may not improve your knowledge and understanding of either Galicia in general or Pontevedra in particular. 

Carnaval in Pontevedra

All Furred Up
Curry To Go

And here are photos of the Fería Franca or Medieval Fair of September 2006. And of the same event in 2007.

These are pictures of collared doves outside my bedroom window for the 10 days it took them to grow from squabs into fully-fledged juveniles.


Here are links to a couple of excellent guides written by an English friend of mine, Martin Lambert. . . .


Hotels in Galicia

Tourist agencies:-

Spain - www.tourspain.es

Galicia - www.turgalicia.es

South West Galicia - www.galicia-suroeste.com

The Rias Baixas - www.riasbaixas.org

The Galician government - www.xunta.es

Local councils:-

        Pontevdra - www.concellopontevedra.es

        Tui - www.concellotui.org 

        La Guardia - www.concellodaguarda.com  and this, which is a lot quicker  www.galicia-suroeste.com/concellodaguarda.htm

        Tomiño - www.concellotomino.com 

        O Rosal - Nothing available as yet from the council. But there is this - www.galicia-suroeste.com/o_rosal.htm

Portuguese councils across the border

        Valenca - www.cm-valenca.pt


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