Are Tonesa Welch And Terry Still Together From BMF? (2024)

In the 1980s, Southwest Detroit was home to the Black Mafia Family, a drug trafficking and money laundering organization. The mafia gang served as a source of inspiration for the creator of the eponymous show, also known as “BMF.” Randy Huggins.

The show’s Markisha Taylor persona is partially based on Tonesa “Toni” Welch, who is said to be the “First Lady” of BMF.

Terry “Tee” Flenory, a drug dealer and investor, was married to Tone. Tonesa was sentenced to nearly 5 years for money laundering, while Terry received a 30-year sentence.

The two resembled Bonnie and Clyde in every way, but what was happening to them now? Let’s investigate!

Terry and Tonesa’s BMF Journey

Markisha is the wife of a drug dealer in the show, and he gets along well with Meech and Terry. She notices Terry and believes he has a sense of purpose that would benefit them both. Kwamé and Terry fight, and Markisha puts a permanent end to it.

Initially, the two are only friends, but Markisha is sure they will develop a romantic relationship. She appeared on the show less frequently. For instance, in “Family Business,” episode 2 of season 2, Terry attempts to start his car-ride business.

He learns about high-end customer service from Markisha. He engages her in business conversations and looks to her for advice on matters in which she is an expert.

The two discuss expanding their company to include a third driver. Additionally, she teaches him how to corral first-class travelers at the airport and instructs him to load his car with refreshments to appease them.

You’ll see her again in the third episode, “Devil’s Night,” as Terry goes up against dangerous gangsters to pitch his business plan. He keeps returning to her for assistance because he starts feeling something for Markisha.

She counsels him once more on how to control his rage and refrain from acting like the drug dealer he was while he was out on the streets.

They exchange a kiss after he decides to pay attention to her. This signaled the start of a new relationship in their lives, which eventually led to marriage, but how long did it last?

Are Terry And Tonesa Still Together?

No, Tonesa and Terry are not still dating. They were no longer together, and once both were found guilty, there was no hope for them to be back together. The causes of their fallout, however, were never explained.

Tonesa attacked the authors because they misrepresented numerous facts. She showed her disappointment by writing about how the show inaccurately portrayed her relationship with Terry and other things in the description of a post on Instagram.

In aninterview with VladTV, she briefly spoke about their relationship. She commented,“He was coming back and forth in my life like I really trusted him, he had my back, I was telling basically this is what I’m doing, and this is how I’m doing it. He was always there, and he was always supportive. He was like my friend. He was my homie; he was just like one of my best friends, basically. There was nothing involved at first, me and Terry didn’t have our first kiss until like 1995.” She added, “We hung out like literally hung out daily. Even when we were out of town together, we did lots of things.”

She also mentioned wanting to support him financially since she loved him. For Terry’s business, she obtained loans from her connections.

When the two started dating in 1998, she was attempting to file for divorce from Harold, her former husband. There didn’t appear to be any animosity between Tonesa and Terry as she spoke about him with the utmost kindness.

He purportedly mentors young people while completing the final years of his sentence in house detention, one day at a time. Tone Sa has a varied resume as an executive producer, bland influencer, and prison reformer.

According to sources, she was Terry’s first wife, but because they don’t follow each other’s official Instagram profiles, it’s possible that they split up in the past.

The couple’s main priorities include changing their attitudes, apologizing for their deeds, and raising their kids.

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Are Tonesa Welch And Terry Still Together From BMF? (2024)


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