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BMF is a biographical crime drama TV show based on the origins of one of the most powerful crime families in the USA. The first season of the show earned positive responses, and the very same is happening for season 2. BMF Season 2 just ended, and the fans are waiting for BMF Season 3. And here we are with excellent news for all BMF fans.

BMF is based on the true story of two brothers who, in the late 1980s, emerged from the dirt of southwest Detroit’s streets to form one of the nation’s most ruthless criminal families. The brothers will become well-known worldwide because of Terry “Southwest” Flenory’s commercial savvy and his idea of a fraternal alliance that extends beyond the drug business and into the hip-hop community.

BMF Season 2 Finale Recap

We saw Meech and Terry go on their separate ways. We knew this was gonna happen since the very beginning of the season. It was very interesting to see how this storyline played out in BMF Season 2 finale episode as far as dealing with Mickie, Detective Bryant, and Lamar.


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And we knew from that trailer when Meech put that gun to his head, most likely the episode played out completely differently. And that’s what happened. He didn’t kill him, but instead, this man is gonna be hooked on that rock. And now his life is pretty much over. You saw him; he was out on the street strung out, and he doesn’t seem like a threat anymore. And I wanna know if they’re gonna, you know, have him in season three, but just see him go out as he went out was crazy.

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Meech, I guess, got the last laugh. And I wanna know how the real person feels about how they end up doing this storyline. And I also wanna know what the real person, who Mickie is supposed to be, how he thinks about what happened with be Mickie’s character. Especially since everybody is calling him a snitch.

And we saw Detective Veronica was trying to get him to flip. That didn’t work. But we saw Sterling was out there, and he went back to Meech, and he told him about what happened. So now Meech tells him, “look, I don’t wanna see you again. You’re dead to me. We ain’t family”. And he pretty much just walks off.

Now Mickie, in real life, who was in the documentary, stated that after Meech went down to Atlanta for good, he never really saw him again. So maybe we won’t see Mickie’s character at all. But it was crazy to see how it all ended.

Kevin And Detective Bryant

We knew something was gonna happen with Kevin and that gun. Because when they showed Kevin for the first time, they showed that safe, and they showed that gun, and eventually, we knew it was gonna come back on Detective Bryant. He took out the bully. He was tired of getting beat up, and he decided to take the gun and eliminate him. He says self-defense, but we know what happened. That’s probably going to be hard to prove based on what happened.

And Detective Bryant was going through it. They got three bodies on that gun. And they talking about Mickie’s fingerprints is on there. But Kevin got caught with it. He was the one that was firing it off, and now it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna end well for him.

And it makes all the sense in the world because back in the first episode of season 2, we know Terry told Detective Bryant that his life is ruined, and you still trying to come after Meech after 20 years. So we knew something bad was gonna happen when it came to his son and are now more eager to see what’s gonna happen in season 3 when it comes to the whole Detective Bryant storyline.

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Lucille and Charles

Lucille wasn’t playing around. She kept going at Charles and made him feel completely bad, and she felt like he deserved it. I mean, she was dressing all well. And she told him she wanted to divorce. He didn’t wanna do that, he wanted to work on the marriage. But she does not have it at all.

And I know throughout the finale he was like, “man, she looked good. Like they would look better once you break up”. And Charles was definitely in his feelings in this episode. But luckily, he got a good ending when it came to a son, Meech and Terry, and he ended up getting a new guitar from Meech.

Meech And Goldie

Meech and Goldie took out Winslow easy. I don’t know what he was doing. He came in there with that shotgun, trying to get payback by himself. Like, dude, what are you doing? I mean, now you’re gone. And now it’s gonna be some issues for Goldie and Meech.

We know she ended up leaving, but she told me to watch out for himself. But I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen with that. Because it seems like it’s gonna, be more threats that are gonna come Meech’s way if he gets caught up with that whole thing.


We all knew K-9 was not going to snitch on Meech at all. He’s just not going to do it. He was loyal to Meech. But with everybody else, he was like, “Screw all of them. I’m gonna tell them exactly what they want to hear”. Especially since his girl Peaches decided to work with the boys and go against him.

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And I was wondering if we’re going to see her character once again. And we did. We end up seeing her in this BMF Season 2 finale episode. And she’s lucky, man, because if K-9 knew what she was doing, she would have taken her out just like that. But I guess she’s gonna live to see another day.

What Will Happen In BMF Season 3?

Meech and Terry will become the country’s many suppliers plugs in BMF Season 3. Their attitude towards drug trafficking has supported equitable enforcement without the use of force. In other words, there is no need for jealousy within the group if everyone in it is succeeding like a boss. Their track record is made this clear. Additionally, bloodshed and bodies draw authorities. We assume Meech will connect with White Boy Rick, and we assume the two will meet and discuss business in the ext.

Meech is shocked to learn that he is connected to the Reagan and government plot that involved pure cocaine shipment from Los Angeles. We expect the tension between the siblings to rear up as Meech indulges in a flamboyant party lifestyle while Terry concentrates on his career. Meech’s love of partying will take him to Atlanta and the hip-hop scene while Terry moves to Los Angeles to manage distribution nationwide.

I can’t wait to see Meech’s expansion game plan going into full effect in season three. We know he will be doing that business down in Atlanta. He did send Roland out to California. So I believe in season three going to see a little bit more of where they will be going and how everything will operate. But as this season 2 ended with those problems being settled, season three will be new issues.

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Season 2 was building up for season three. So, of course, we got the Remy character. He saw Meech when he got down to Atlanta. That’s gonna be a problem for Meech in season three. And we know Terry’s gonna have problems with Saint, played by DC Young Fly. We know that Season 2 ended with Saint spraying up Terry and Markisha in that car. So that’s definitely gonna be a problem for him, and I cannot wait to see what’s gonna happen in BMF Season 3 with that storyline.

BMF Season 3 Release Date

Starz officially announced the continuation of BMF season three on January 18, 2023. The BMF Brothers progressed from small-time dealers to significant suppliers in prior seasons. The upcoming season has fans excited. Shortly after its premiere, stars approved BMF for a third season. The renewal follows the successful launch of the series of Season 2, which started releasing on January 6th and attracted 4.1 million platform audiences.

When will be BMF Season 3 released? The popular show has been renewed for season three, but the third season has not received a release date yet. Considering his popularity and the curiosity of fans, we can speculate the show to be released soon.

The season 2 finale premiered on March 3rd, 2023. So season three might drop out sometime in 2024. The release date for season three is anticipated for January 2024. The cast and crew are presently filming in Atlanta and in other locations, so the third season trailer will likely be released shortly. Till then, we can wait for it. Once we get any update about the premiere date, we will let you know.

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BMF Season 3: Everything We Know So Far - OtakuKart (2024)


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