Cedar Point Donation Request (2024)

1. Donations & Charitable Giving | Community - Cedar Point

  • Cedar Point's charitable ticket request window will open in the first quarter of each year. Once donations are dispensed for the year, the application form will ...

  • Cedar Point is pleased to provide one-day admission tickets for qualifying applicants each year. Learn more by visiting our website today!

2. Cedar Point - Donation Request Form

  • Submit a donation request to Cedar Point using ApproveForGood.

3. Non-Profit Organizations & Fundraising | Community

  • Cedar Point is proud to give back to the community through in-kind donations for charitable and non-profit organizations and fundraising special events.

4. Fundraising | Community - Cedar Point

  • Are you looking for a great way to fund-raise for your group or organization? Look no further than Cedar Point! We have opportunities in our Resorts, ...

  • Cedar Point offers great ways to fundraise for groups and organizations.

5. Community | Cedar Point FCU (Lexington Park, MD)

6. Ticket Donation Request | Community - Dorney Park

  • All donation requests must be submitted through DonationMatch. ... Dorney Park Cares Ticket Donation Request Program ... Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

  • Dorney Park is proud to give back to the community through donations & fundraising events through the Dorney Park Cares Program. Learn more today!

7. Charitable Donations | Knott's Berry Farm

  • To carefully manage Knott's Berry Farm's limited resources, donation requests are granted to local, major organizations and 501 C3 non-profit charities.

8. Contact Us | Sandusky, OH | Cedar Point Amusem*nt Park

  • We're here to help. You'll find many of the answers to your questions in our Frequently Asked Questions, but if you can't find what you're looking for, ...

  • Contact us at Cedar Point. Our friendly and professional guest services team is here to help!

9. Canada's Wonderland Community Outreach & Charitable Giving

  • We're proud to give back to the community through in-kind donations for charitable organizations and fundraising special events. Ticket donation requests for ...

  • As a proud community partner, Canada's Wonderland strives to support our neighbours through an active community relations effort. Learn more today!

10. Cedar Point offering free tickets to those who donate blood this summer

  • 22 mei 2023 · The American Red Cross and Cedar Fair are teaming up to offer free tickets to those who donate blood from May 26-Aug. 1.

  • The American Red Cross and Cedar Fair are teaming up to offer free tickets to those who donate blood this summer.

11. KI Cares | Community Outreach - Kings Island

  • It is important to accurately complete all the requested information on the application in order for your request ... Can I submit a donation request without ...

  • At Kings Island, we are dedicated to making people happy by providing them with fun, excitement and memorable experiences. Learn more today!

12. Corporate Partnerships & Product Promotion | Cedar Fair

  • Cedar Point | Sandusky, OH ... The communities we call home stretch from coast ... If you are interested in receiving a ticket donation from an individual park, ...

  • At Cedar Fair, we're in the business of fun. If you're looking for a unique corporate partner or product promotion options, look no further!

13. Get a free Cedar Point ticket: Here's how - FOX 8 News

  • 22 mei 2023 · Click here, and enter the sponsor code “CEDARPOINT.” Call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or download the free Red Cross Blood Donor App. “ ...

  • If you’d like to save some cash and save a life – Cedar Point and the American Red Cross have the perfect opportunity.

14. Submit your Donation Request for a Local Non-Profit Charity

  • Fax or copy requests will not be accepted. Please mail your request to: Administration Office. Attn: Donations Committee. 1 Busch Gardens Blvd. Williamsburg, VA ...

  • Busch Gardens supports local non-profits that advance education, environmental initiatives, or positively impact children's lives. Learn how to submit a donation request.

15. [PDF] NEED YOUR HELP - TME Investments

  • People from the Congo, Rwanda, Somalia,. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Vietnam and other countries are settled at Cedar Point Apartments on Sandy Forks Road.

Cedar Point Donation Request (2024)


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