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The world of idle clicker games online is huge, and Clicker Heroes has stood out among players thanks to its simple yet addictive gameplay.

This idle RPG game leads you to a cartoonish world where you steadily grow stronger by clicking and defeating monsters.

Along the adventure, you’ll discover a special feature called Ancients. They’re special items that boost your abilities and help you progress even further.

In this article, let’s find out more about the top Ancients picks in Clicker Heroes and how they can supercharge your gameplay!

Understanding Ancients

Ancients are trinkets that provide different boosts to help you beat monsters more easily and progress through levels faster.

Currently, there are 26 Ancients available in this clicker hero game. They come in different appearances and abilities.

You can acquire Ancients by spending Hero Souls, which are earned by defeating Primal Bosses or through Ascension.

For more details, you can check out our other article about Clicker Heroes Ancients.

Top Ancients for Different Play Styles

To boost your progress and increase your chances of success in this best idle RPG, you should consider choosing Ancients compatible with your preferred style.

Idle Playstyle Ancients

If you’re into idle playstyle, there are certain Ancients that can surely enhance your gameplay experience.

Top Ancients Picks in Clicker Heroes: A Comprehensive Guide - Clicker Heroes Blogs (1)

​​1. Libertas, Ancient of Freedom

This Ancient boosts the amount of gold earned while you’re idling.

You can earn an additional 25% to 15% gold per level without active clicking, and this rate decreases by 1% every 10 levels until the rate is a bonus of 15% per level.

2. Siyalatas, Ancient of Abandon

This Ancient boosts the DPS while idling and follows a similar reduction rate.

It boosts DPS from 25% to 15% per level, with a decrease of 1% every 10 levels.

3. Nogardnit, Ancient of Moderation

This Ancient helps you earn more gold when you’re not actively clicking. Make sure you have Auto Clickers to make the most of it.

For every unassigned Auto Clicker, you get a 10% boost in gold.

Active/Hybrid Playstyle Ancients

For players who opt for an active or hybrid playstyle, the below Ancients are essential to maximize your game performance.

Top Ancients Picks in Clicker Heroes: A Comprehensive Guide - Clicker Heroes Blogs (2)

1. Juggernaut, Ancient of Momentum

Juggernaut helps you do more damage with each click you make.

Every time you click, your damage per second (DPS) gets a boost of 0.01%.

2. Fragsworth, Ancient of Wrath

With Fragsworth, each click deals with 20% more damage to monsters.

So, if you like clicking a lot to defeat monsters faster, Fragsworth can help you do just that.

3. Bhaal, Ancient of Murder

Similarly, Bhaal Ancient increases your critical click damage by 15%.

With Bhaal’s help, your clicks become even deadlier to beat monsters faster.

Ancients For Maximizing Gold and DPS

Maximizing your gold and DPS is crucial for efficient progression in Clicker Heroes.

Gold allows you to expand the hero team, level them up, and buy essential upgrades that make notable impacts.

Consider investing in these Ancients for more gold earnings:

  • Mimzee: increases the amount of gold dropped by Treasure Chests by 50%.
  • Pluto: boosts the amount of gold earned from Golden Clicks.
  • Mammon: provides a flat 5% bonus to your gold income.
  • Fortuna: increases the chance of getting 10x gold drops.
Top Ancients Picks in Clicker Heroes: A Comprehensive Guide - Clicker Heroes Blogs (3)

Meanwhile, more DPS lets you beat monsters faster and progress through levels.

To do more damage, these Ancients are great options:

  • Argaiv: increases the power of your gilded heroes by 2% DPS.
  • Bhaal: boosts the damage of your critical hits by 15%.

With these Ancients on your side, you’ll crush tough monsters in no time!

Ancients For Enhancing Skills and Progression

Some Ancients, like Berserker and Vaagur, focus on making your skills more effective.

Berserker increases the duration of Powersurge by 2 seconds per level. While Powersurge already boosts 100% DPS for 30 seconds, this Ancient lets you enjoy the boost for longer.

Meanwhile, Vaagur reduces the cooldown time for your skills, so you can use them more often.

With nearly a 75% cooldown reduction, it’s handy when you need to reset frequently and keep using a skill, for example, Powersurge, every 2.5 minutes.

Top Ancients Picks in Clicker Heroes: A Comprehensive Guide - Clicker Heroes Blogs (4)

Other Ancients, such as Atman and Kumawakamaru, can help you progress through tough levels.

Atman increases the chances of encountering Primal Bosses.

You can expect to meet the boss with a spawn rate of 100%, which gives you extra Hero Souls and helps you level up faster.

Kumawakamaru, on the other hand, cuts down the number of monsters you have to beat in each non-boss zone. This makes it way easier to move forward and reach higher zones.

The integer part of its effect tells you how many fewer monsters you’ll face in each normal zone. While the decimal part shows the chance of having even fewer monsters.

For example, if the effect is -2.33, it means you’ll face a maximum of 8 monsters per normal zone, with a 33% chance of having only 7 monsters.

Strategy for Levelling Up and Managing Ancients

Before Transcending, you should focus on getting these Ancients:

  • Siyalatas, Ancient of Abandon
  • Libertas, Ancient of Freedom
  • Mammon, Ancient of Greed
  • Mimzee, Ancient of Riches

Once you’ve Transcended, you can pick Ancients based on your play styles, as mentioned above.

Additionally, these Ancients are essential regardless of your build:

  • Argaiv, Ancient of Enhancement
  • Atman, Ancient of Souls
  • Dora, Ancient of Discovery
  • Kumawakamaru, Ancient of Shadows
  • Mammon, Ancient of Greed
  • Mimzee, Ancient of Riches
  • Morgulis, Ancient of Death

Ancients Leveling Formulas

Once you acquire your desired Ancients, you can even boost their effect to higher by leveling up them. Simply follow these general rules:

Ancients with a cost formula of n (n being the current level) should be leveled to this formula:

Ancients with a cost formula of n^1.5 should be leveled to this formula:

There’s no particular formula for Ancients with the 2^n cost formula, but prioritize leveling them in this order:

  • Kumawakamaru, Ancient of Shadows
  • Atman, Ancient of Souls
  • Dora, Ancient of Discovery
  • Dogcog, Ancient of Thrift
  • Vaagur, Ancient of Impatience
  • Chronos, Ancient of Time
  • Revolc, Ancient of Luck
  • Bubos, Ancient of Diseases
  • Fortuna, Ancient of Chance
Top Ancients Picks in Clicker Heroes: A Comprehensive Guide - Clicker Heroes Blogs (5)

To make everything effortless, you can use the following Ancient Calculator to level the ancients:

However, remember to always keep some Hero Souls in your bank as you go through this process.

First, decide on a minimum amount of Hero Souls you want to keep, like 50 or 100.

Then, prioritize buying essential Ancients, like Siyalatas or Libertas.

As you gather more Hero Souls, gradually spend them on other useful Ancients while always keeping enough to reach your minimum, and also increase this minimum as you progress.

This way, you’ll have a balance between investing in Ancients for progression and ensuring you have enough Hero Souls to maintain stability and growth in this idle hero clicker game.


Choosing and prioritizing Ancients in Clicker Heroes is important for optimizing your progression.

For all players, never miss your chance to acquire new Ancients, as they provide various extra stats to enhance your gameplay.

Our gaming guide brings you various valuable information and gaming tips, but don’t solely rely on it! Keep trying new things and changing your strategy as you learn what works best for you.

With the right Ancients and a smart strategy, you’ll go far!

Top Ancients Picks in Clicker Heroes: A Comprehensive Guide - Clicker Heroes Blogs (2024)


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