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During the crisis of Covid- 19, the one series that blew everyone’s mind was BMF, also known as the Black Mafia Family. This crime drama series which was released in the year 2021 will take you to the world of the most influential mafia brothers in Detroit, America, who with their inquisitive minds and strong partnership elevated themselves from rags to riches.

50 cent produced this series proved to be gold to every viewer as it flawlessly portrays the life of real Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory who started their Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering business back in the 1980s. These brothers started drug trafficking from scratch during high school and soon meticulously founded the famous criminal organization Black Mafia Family in the United States.

In the year 2021, these criminal legends were recalled by the creator, who decided to make a TV series adaption, encircling the life of Big Meech and Southwest T. Fans loved watching BMF and all the characters from the series received huge fame.


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Apart from the protagonists of the show, many characters were involved with the brothers, which led them to experience dramatic turns in their life. BMF not only depicts how the brothers succeed in the business but also portrays the drama, love, betrayal, and conspiracy that these brothers faced.

So, for sure there were many characters involved in the series and one of those was B – Mickie, a childhood friend of Big Meech and Southwest T. B – Mickie’s character is based on the real-life D – Meeks who was an essential part of the 50 Boyz Crew. So, what happened to D-Meeks in real life? And how did he react seeing himself as B- Mickie on screen? If you have many questions as we had, read till the end.

Who is B-Mickie in Real Life?

Released in the year 2021, the American crime drama seriesHow did the Ninja Turtles Die? The Tragic Story of TMNT, inspired by the life of the two mafia brothers, Big Meech and Southwest T, also portrays some of the significant characters in the show such as the members of 50 Boyz. B – Mackie played by Miles Truitt was the third member of 50 Boyz and the childhood friend of Big Meech and Southwest T.

B-Mickie’s character is realistically depicted in the show, however, what we see on screen is always not always real. The creators add more spice and twists to the life of the characters to make the show more intriguing.

Starting from the name, 50 cents changed the name of the character from D-Meeks to B- Mickie and as portrayed in the show both the Flenory brothers’ family and his family lived close to each other.

What Happened To B-Mickie from BMF In Real Life? - OtakuKart (1)

To get a better overview of D- Meeks’ life, Vlad TV took an interview with him, and according to the interview, D – Meeks started selling drugs, certainly heroin, when he was 15 to get a little extra money. However, this illegal trafficking of him did not achieve desirable success so he switched from selling heroin to crack cocaine.

Soon after making an alliance with E.D Boyed, Big Meech, and Southwest T, D- Meeks, with these two brothers, branded themselves as 50 Boyz and carried on their criminal activities. This 50 Boyz branding of this group received huge fame around the country, which led them to earn huge profits.

What Happened to D- Meeks in real life?

In the interview by Vlad TV, D-Meeks revealed his entire past as a member of the 50 Boyz crew. As D-Meeks started the 50 Boyz crew with Big Meech and Southwest T, three of them became the reason why the crew expanded to 350 members who worked diligently in their job as drug dealers. Because of their organized work and excellent quality of drugs, 50 Boyz received huge fame, but soon Big Meech did cut ties with E.D. Boyed and moved to Atlanta.

Even D-Meeks was invited by him to move to Atlanta, but, D-Meeks denied it and carried on with what he was doing in Detroit. Soon, he heard the news that Big Meech has given birth to The Black Mafia Family (BMF) and is expanding dramatically. D-Meeks, being a straightforward and satisfied person, did not join BMF, and soon after his contacts with Big Meech and Southwest T started to decline.

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D- Meeks also said in an interview that he was entangled in legal complications and he was in jail for about 2 years and 9 months. Before getting detained he mentioned that Big Meech threw a party for him.

After spending the most difficult time of his life in prison, D-Meeks decided to start over and be happy rather than continue doing the drug dealing business. He chose the legitimizing life over illegal money and now he seems very happy with his wise decision.

D- Meeks also confessed that he has not been in contact with Big Meech for more than 31 years and a long time after Southwest – T’s release from jail, D-Meeks met him a year ago.

What D-Meeks thinks about his character in BMF?

From what D-Meeks talked about his character in BMF, he seems pretty impressed with Myles Truitt’s acting. However, he emphasized one point, that everything shown in the series is not real. There are some fictional scenes and characters that have been presented, as mentioned earlier.

But one thing that made him a little furious is that he did not get paid for depicting his life story to millions of viewers. As BMF is currently the number one show on Starz channel, D- Meeks said that the series made huge profits and he deserves a little part of it.

D-Meeks, one of the essential member of 50 Boyz crew is currently living a fully legitimized life, and his bold, loyal behavior is admired by many in the series and even in real life.

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What Happened To B-Mickie from BMF In Real Life? - OtakuKart (2024)


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